Making Up For Lost Time 16+

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Making Up For Lost Time 16+

Post by missyinwonderland on Sun Apr 15, 2012 3:56 pm


Title Making Up For Lost Time
Pairing: Danny Jones/Kennedy Storms
Author’s notes: I don’t own Danny or Kennedy but I do own the story

Danny we were too young I don’t love you anymore please let me go your hurting me, “Kennedy Said

I can’t let you go Kennedy I love you way too much and I want to fight for us, “Danny said

If you wanted to fight for us you wouldn’t of been out sleeping around behind my back, “Kennedy Said

I told you that they didn’t mean anything to me I felt like I was losing you I was drunk and stupid, “Danny said Being drunk

Danny doesn't Excuse you for being a dick, “Kennedy Said

Oh come on Kennedy it’s not like you didn’t go running to dougie when we were fighting get over it , “Danny said

That’s it Danny I can’t do this anymore we are over for good get your things and get the hell out , “Kennedy Said

This is my place you can’t kick me out, “Danny said

Actually I can my parents bought this house they own it and I can get rid of you, “Kennedy said

Fine why don’t you go fuck dougie I know it’s exactly what you’re going to do if you haven’t already, “Danny said

I have NEVER cheated on you and I would never do that unlike you, “Kennedy

Well maybe I should find someone who actually gives a dam about me instead of lying this whole time,” Danny said

Danny we never should of got married we were way too young we’ve been married 5 years and it’s been a lie this whole time you don’t love me just admit it to yourself , “Kennedy Said

“Kennedy I Love you more than life itself and I’ll prove it to you, “Danny said

Danny pulled her close and kissed her neck slipping his hand under her shirt then kissing her lips the way he used to kiss her before he let fame take over him. She kissed back unbuckling his belt and pulling his pants down he took her shirt off and pulled her pants down she stepped out of them then he stepped out of his he unhooked her bra and laid her down on the bed and removed her underwear kissing her inner thighs she started to rub on him then she removed his boxers she got a condom and put it on his hard member he opened her legs and slipped himself inside her carefully not wanting to hurt her he started to move slowly as she moaned he moved faster in and out in she surprised him my turning him over and starting to Ride him like she used to after they were finished they made a promise to keep making up for lost time after all they were married and even if they were married to young they still loved each other very much.
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Re: Making Up For Lost Time 16+

Post by ChloeRussellx on Mon Jul 02, 2012 4:41 am

Danny you dick! -_-
But he does love her bless him!

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