Stay With Me Chapter 1

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Stay With Me Chapter 1

Post by Sebrowns on Mon Jun 11, 2012 10:54 am

Chapter 1: The Beginning

There is nothing better than hanging out with your best
friend right? Wrong. There is nothing better than hanging out with your
best friends. I had three of them Danny, Tom, and
Harry. They were all in a band called McFly, Dougie was also in the band
with them but saying Dougie was never my closest friend would be an
understatement. We absolutely hated each other. But back to them. They
were doing well and were already releasing their fourth album
Radio:Active. Who am I you ask? I’m Miranda, Harry’s sister, I was
always close with Harry you could almost say we were twins. Anyways
today is the day McFly are going on tour for their new album and they’ve
invited me to go with them. Of course I said yes, I mean who wouldn’t?
But then I remembered, four boys, one girl on a tour bus for 6 months
probably wasn’t a good idea so I asked them if I could bring my friend,
Claire, along with me. At first they said it would be cramped on the
tour bus but with a little persuasion they eventually gave in.

“Hey guys you all packed?” I shouted as I was walking down the stairs
with my suitcase, which proved not to be an easy task when you’re also
holding two along massive bags. I almost fell had it not of been for
Danny catching me. Danny’s hands were on my arms and I felt my face go
red. I tried to hide my head by dunking it down so he couldn’t see my

“Thanks” I said sheepishly while walking down the remainder of the
stairs. I looked around to see if I saw Dougie, Tom or Harry, but no one
was around. I figured they would be outside loading the tour bus

“No problem, do you need help carrying those?” He replied while
running his hair through his curly hair and then looking back at me with
the piercing blue eyes.

“No I think I’ve got it all, Thanks though, so are the rest of the guys outside?”

“Yeah they are loading up the bus, I just came in for quick drink, you need anything?’

“No I’m fine” I said

“Okay see you on the bus” He replied, he then went towards the
kitchen to get his drink then came back and headed out the door, I’m
normally the last one to the bus so this wasn’t anything new to me. I
went on their Motion in the Ocean tour which is actually where I meant
Claire. She was a fan who had backstage passes but surprisingly she
wasn’t one of those crazy fans. I bumped in to backstage and ever since
then we’ve been best friends. You wouldn’t expect her and I to be
friends, she’s bubbly and outgoing, whereas I’m preppy and shy. The guys
had meant her after I introduced her to them; they had taken a liking
to her. Especially Danny, but their friendship was more of a brother and
sister relationship. I had finally gotten all my stuff outside, when I
turned around to see the boys playing with the tour bus and honking the
horn. If you didn’t know any better you would mistake them for a bunch
of 5 year olds instead of 20 year olds. As of relationships Tom was with
Giovanna and Harry was with Izzy. They are both awesome but Giovanna I
think more of a mother of while Izzy is like my sister. I walked on to
the bus to see Dougie tackling Tom and Harry and Danny laughing their
heads off.

“What’s going on?” I asked curiously

“Nothing it’s just our physio isn’t going to be on tour with us till
next week and Tom said his shoulder was hurting so Dougie volunteered to
help him with it” Harry said breathless from all his laughing. Then Tom
finally got Dougie off of him.

“Thanks Dougie my shoulder actually feels better” Tom said while
getting up off the floor and sitting on the couch while Dougie did the
same thing.

“Guys I thought you said no dogs on the tour bus” Dougie said while pointing at me with a smirk planted upon his face.

“Hey come on guys can you at least try to get along?” Harry said. I
agreed with Harry, I didn’t understand what Dougie’s problem was with me
but I’m not one to be pushed around so of course I’ll fight back.

“No I don’t think I’m capable of being friend’s with whatever that
is” I said while smirking right back at Dougie.” But don’t get me wrong I
would love to see things the way he does but I can never seem to get my
head that far up my ass.”

“That’s enough, both of you, now why don’t you go unpack while we head to Claire’s house okay?” Harry said

“Fine” I then grabbed my stuff and took it upstairs to the lounge
where I would be sleeping and started to unpack it into the drawers.

It was going to be a long 6 months.


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