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Post by heidi_kirsty on Tue Jul 24, 2012 6:34 am

hello stunning galaxy defenders

i wasn't sure where to post this and i thought as its not really McFly related it suits here (if not please move it)

after much stuff that's happened and what's still happening, I've been all over the place and not the person that i used to be.
i have some brilliant ideas for fictions but unfortunately every time that i try to write down what pops into my head it doesn't even sound appropriate or acceptable, it just doesn't make sense. honestly i don't feel its right that i should write or post anything, i suddenly get very frustrated and upset and will lash out, i don't know why this happens and i think with everything that's been messing up and not thinking straight its making me turn to someone who I'm not.

everyone has their own talent, i used to think it was writing but suddenly its just not working and reading back on what I've done it doesn't even sound worthy enough.
i have a evening course starting in October and I'm hoping this will help me with a step in the right direction

I'm sorry that I've messed everything up and i hope that something will spark me writing something worthy to post.
believe me i haven't given up on writing comments and supporting with everyone who is still writing, i can help in a little way as i know Libby sometimes asks for opinions, and i definitely haven;t given up on my love of mcfly, they are my life and i can't give them up

sorry girls xxx

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Re: announcement

Post by HannaWestwood on Thu Aug 02, 2012 8:15 am

Aww there's no problem with that, we all have such moments when we feel like we can't write even if we have tons of ideas =/

Good luck for your course in October!

Take the time you need to take care of things, no worries Smile

We love you, Heidi ♥️


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