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Above the noise of London - 1st part [16+] / Chapter 10 is up! - Page 2 Empty Chapter Nine - Time goes by...

Post by HannaWestwood on Wed Jul 04, 2012 6:29 am

Chapter Nine - Time goes by...

Mrs. Kingston: So, did you find a job today?
Brook answered by a lie, before Hannah did by the terrible truth.

- Sure! We’re going to fix some things now and it will be good!
- I’m glad to hear it! Because you’ll have to find somewhere else to live. Your 3rd month is nearly over, so hurry up if you don’t want to be... “kicked out” of England!

Later, somewhere in London...

Brook: How can you bear this old thing? She’s so... Old! And grumpy!
Hannah: Well, she must be quite upset by our round-trips between the boys flat and her house.
Brook: That’s an idea! We could live with them!
Hannah: Are you crazy? FOUR GUYS and TWO GIRLS! You can’t be serious...
Brook: Why? What’s the matter?
Hannah: 4 and 2; inferiority problem. Boys and girls; sex problems. Both: BIG PROBLEMS!
Brook: C’mon, if there’s a problem, there’s always some solutions!
Hannah: Like what? Couple war? Two straight couples VS one gay couple?
Brook: WHY DO YOU ALWAYS... steal my ideas.
Hannah: By the way, Tom is not gay. He’s dating Giovanna.
Brook: Only for the moment! His coming out is not so far away...
Hannah: Brook, please...
Brook: He should take this opportunity with Danny! When he’d be 40, married with 4 children, it will be too late!
Hannah: Danny is straight. He has crushed on you.
Brook: Me NEITHER. So maybe Tom should try with Harry. After all, he might be gay...
Hannah: And how could you know it, Sherlock?!
Brook: Little a, he’s always hugging Dougie.
Hannah: Everybody loves to hug Dougie.
Brook: Little b, he sleeps with his drumsticks. That’s just awkward.
Hannah: Er... doesn’t prove anything.
Brook: And little c, he loves you, dates you for nearly 2 months, but has only slept with you 7 times – sooooo he’s gay!
Hannah: If all the boys who haven’t slept with me more than 7 times were gay, sorry to say this but ALL THE MEN IN THE WORLD WOULD BE CONCERNED!
Brook, joking: Oh gosh, all these gay men?!
Hannah: And on top of that, how coud you know how many times we did it?!
Brook: The walls are thin, Hannah...
Hannah: Are you serious?!
Brook: Oh yeah... I’ve counted the nights! You did it twice on the first one, then 3 times more on the 2nd month and 2 times this month!
Hannah: Sorry to disappoint but I have to correct you here; First, this conversation is COMPLETELY INSANE. Then, we did it more than you think as you and me are not always in the same house. Harry and I went in other...places together, and finally; WHAT SHOULD I SAY ABOUT YOU AND DOUG?!
Brook: Wow...Well done then! Looks like my little Nana is becoming a real woman! =D
Hannah: Argh shut up! >< Plus, you didn’t answer my question...
Brook: And so what?
Hannah: So what?! You two sound like animals in the jungle! That’s really disturbing!
Brook: WHAT?! Uh-oh; I’m not even replying to that outrage!
Hannah: Sure, you’re not... By the way, tonight we’re receiving the boys for dinner. So Dougie and you can stay on your own in the McFlat. Thanks to that, you’ll be able to stay at home to feed the Dog...
Brook: We don’t have any... Oh dear, are you talking about Dougie? Watch out, you’re becoming meaner and meaner... Wait; why should I have to feed Dougie?
Hannah: Because you love him?
Brook: STOP REPEATING THIS! Oh and, does Mrs. Kingston know about that?
Hannah: Er... not sure. Did you tell her?
Hannah: Oops...Did I screwed up?
Brook: Hell yeah; you did! Fortunately, she’s gone to her sister’s house in Leeds and would be back tomorrow afternoon.
Hannah: Soooo; no problems =D
Brook: She has a cancer.
Hannah: Ah, well... But except from THAT... Come on, you’ve got it, right? Anyway, let’s find a work!
Brook: You’re hopeless, Hannah...

They spent all the day looking for jobs in London, but they found nothing. They came back home, nearly too exhausted and depressed to cook anything for dinner. The boys had to bring drinks and the main course. The girls just prepared a salad and a dessert. Later, this evening...

- Why don’t you help us ? pointed Danny, I mean, we nearly have a contract with a record label so we’ll need a manager and...
- Just forget it; if you want to do things right, you have to take a professional. I am studying languages and marketting. Hannah’s studying languages and tourism, so we’re not qualified to do this!
- Brook is right; if you want to succeed with your debuts, you have to take professionals.
- But... Marketting is needed for a band’s promotion, right? You could work for us later and...
- Tom, please... Brook interrupted him. We can’t wait for your help forever! I mean, we have to be independant if we don’t want our parents to interfere in our decision to stay in London.
After a few minutes with no one talking, Dougie asked:

- And, if you don’t find a job, what are you going to...
- We’ll go back to France.

Brook replied in a cold way which made Dougie jump up on his chair. He stared at her, truly concerned. Hannah noticed it and, as she was also embarassed by Harry’s look, she pointed out that they had time to find something before. They had two weeks. Two weeks to find a job in London, and they will only be graduated in one week. This diploma wouldn’t be really helpful as they were foreign students in some exhange programs for 3 months.

They had two weeks.

- Moreover, Hanna added, if they knew that we were - half of the time - living with boys...
- And that you are not virgins anymore... Danny added with a fake concerned look.
- Yeah, that would be a disaster, Brook said.
- HaHA! So you DID IT! Danny yelled, pointing Dougie and Brook one after the other.
- I said VirginS, and you felt concerned!
- It’s not about the “V word” – and I would have noticed the “s” without this silly scottish accent you did on purpose! – but, anyway, I’m obviously concerned. If Hannah’s family ask her to come back, I can’t really think about staying here all by myself! I mean, we were both dreaming about living here for years! It’s like THE BIGGEST dream of our lives and it’s been really amazing so far! So, if one of us can’t make it, it doesn’t worth THAT much...

Hannah said her name, making no efforts to sound english. She hugged Brook, when everybody – begginging with Brook herself – was astonished.

- J’arrive pas à croire que tu penses ça! J’suis trop contente ! Tellement heureuse qu’on vive ça ensemble. Je t’adore!!! Hanna said.

- What the hell did she say?! Danny asked.
- I have no idea but it sounds nice... Harry replied.
- I don’t wanna know; I’m already crying, Tom added.
- Oh, here my boy, here... Giovanna said, giving a handkerchief to Tom
- Is it me or Hannah is a way more sensitive since she’s dating Harry?

Brook raided an eyebrow, kissed Hannah on the cheek, walked slowly towards Harry and suddenly grabbed him by his collar.

- I hope you didn’t do anything wrong with my little Hannah which could’ve turn her into a depressive psycho cause I won’t forgive this. Am I clear?
- I didn’t do anything, I swear! Harry pleaded.
- Yes m’am! Harry nearly screamed.

- Hahaha, is it me or Harry is turning into a huge crawling wimp when Brook’s around?
- Danny, you didn’t have enough yet? Tom sighed.

Half an hour later, everybody was eating around the dark wooden table in Mrs. Kingston living room. Brook served the dessert and everybody took a mouthful of the crumble. Harry’s face lingered.

- Is this REALLY a crumble? I’m not sure I can taste the apple flavour.
- Eww...Not even sure it has any kind of flavour...
- Whaaat? C’mon dude, what’s that?
- It just looks like some rotten cornflakes... Dougie said, studying the crumble’s texture with the tip of his finger.
- With some...green liquid inside?! Giovanna showed her spoon with concern.
- Oh my god, Dougie, stop touching this! Brook shouted.
- Yuck! What did you put in this?
- Kryptonite? Danny tried to guess.
- Kryptonite is red, not green, you idiot. Geeky-Tom corrected.
- Maybe some radio active things like...Uranium?
- Seriously, you must be kidding me... Who did THAT? Danny threatened.

At that moment, Hannah was almost literaly under the table, too embarassed to handle the situation. They all understood she was the one who cooked this inedible thing, but didn’t dare to comment anymore. After a short awkward moment, Hanna finally stood up, pretending she’s been picking up her napkin, and began to take all the plates back. Brook helped her out. When they came back from the kitchen, they had to take Harry and Dougie’s one. However, Dougie and Harry decided not to give it back.

- You know I like weird things, Brook. I wonder how this is going to change my metabolism... Maybe my cells will mute!

Brook sighed and turned back to Harry.

- What about you? You wanna expose it in a museum... next to your Mazeltof-dick?
- Er...no. Hannah cooked it so... I’m going to eat it anyway.
- I won’t be mad at you cause you don’t want it. It looks, smells, and tastes awful...Hannah said.
- No worries; you took time to make it, I’m taking on my time to eat it.

And now it seems useful to specify that Harry’s been sick for 3 days after that. Weirdly, Dougie felt awesome – even if his genes stayed similar as usual, which kinda frustrated him.


PS: In french, Hannah said “I can’t believe you think so! I’m so happy! So glad that we’re living this together. I love you!!!”

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Above the noise of London - 1st part [16+] / Chapter 10 is up! - Page 2 Puddwaytohell
Going Through The Motions
Going Through The Motions

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Above the noise of London - 1st part [16+] / Chapter 10 is up! - Page 2 Empty Re: Above the noise of London - 1st part [16+] / Chapter 10 is up!

Post by ChloeRussellx on Sat Jul 07, 2012 4:38 pm

I'll read this and your update to The Adulterous Woman later on Smile
I'm going to watch the Olympic Torch thing in a min Razz

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Above the noise of London - 1st part [16+] / Chapter 10 is up! - Page 2 9pswgz
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Going Through The Motions

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Above the noise of London - 1st part [16+] / Chapter 10 is up! - Page 2 Empty Chapter Ten - Mastered opportunities?

Post by HannaWestwood on Sat Aug 18, 2012 11:45 pm

Chapter Ten - Mastered opportunities?

Harry: Even with so much confidence, you won’t find a job that easily in London!

Dougie: Yeah, Juddy’s right. I do believe in your skills but... That seems quite impossible.

Brook was standing still in the living room, just in front of her best friend Hannah, her boyfriend, Harry Judd, and her own “non-official-because-we-didnt-have-that-conversation-yet” boyfriend; Dougie Poynter. She was wearing a white shirt under her navy blazer, straight skirt and pair of heels. She even straightened her hair and gathered it all in a high ponytail. Hands on hips, she was waiting for any kind of agreement and cheerful reaction. None of the several comments fully satisfied her. She ordered Hannah to put on her own tailor so they could both head to the City to find a job. She left her favourite spot – Harry’s arms - to go upstairs, and came back ten minutes later, wearing a black tailor. It was supposed to be similar to Brook’s one but she made some changes; her shirt was all buttoned up and she wasn’t wearing a straight skirt but some large trousers. Brook sighed, moved towards Hannah and opened the two first buttons before ordering her to go back downstairs to put her skirt on. She protested but they managed to find a compromise in the minute. Brook rolled her eyes, caught Hannah’s shirt one more time, and half unbuttoned it.

Harry: Oï! Go easy! I can see her bra from here and I’m definetely not going to let her go out like this!
Brook: And THIS, is the only condition for ME to let her wear trousers for a job applicaton. She has to have a little touch of sexyness somewhere. If she doesn’t have a skirt, she has a deep cleavage. End of discussion, Juddy.

Harry sighed with frustration, Hannah blamed her clothes for few minutes and decided to wear something more casual instead. If she had to fail, at least, she won’t have to wear a stupid suit! Brook obviously didn’t approve but her friend was already waiting outside when she realized about it.

An hour later...

Brook: Hey guys, we’re back! And guess what? I’ve just found a job!
Dougie: Whaaaat?
Giovanna: Haa that’s amazing! Where?
Brook: In a new compagny of event management! Isn’t that great? My dream job!!!
Harry: Nay, I don’t believe it...
Brook: But it is! She said, showing him her officially validated application form of the compagny, based in the London city center.
Dougie: You’ve been gone for just one hour! How did you get it so fast?!
Brook: Ahhh... and you remain so innocent, Doug.
Tom: She obviously made some pre-researches and just had to make things official today...
Danny: Haha! And you believed her! Dumbass!
Dougie: You’re the dumbass!!! Or should I say, the dumBEST!
Danny: Don’t play with me, Poynter!
Giovanna: What about Hannah?
Harry: Where is she?!
Brook: Well...she didn’t find anything today and she decided to stay at Mrs Kingston’s tonight.
Harry:! What? Is she alright?
Brook: Yes, sure... But she must be kinda sad though.
Danny: Go see her, Juddy, and cheer her up with your best skills!
Harry: Shut up Jones!
Danny: No, you shut up!
Harry: YOU shut up!
Danny: YOU, shut up!
Harry: SHUT.UP.
Danny: You’re gonna loose this, mate...
Brook: Shut up! Both of you!!!
Dougie, sighing: When will you grow up guys?

Everyone glared at him.

Dougie: What?

The day after, Harry was making round trips in the living room, racking his brain to decide whether he should go to see Hannah or he shouldn’t. Although, he didn’t carried his wonderings on for long, as Hannah herself opened the entrance door in a hurry. She nearly bumped into him, smiled with embarassement and quickly kissed him; she was frantic. She looked around and asked for Brook. The latter just appeared on top of the steps as she heard her name. Hannah ran to tell her the good news: she has finally found a job, in a pub near the city center, as a waitress.

Then, as expected, Brook gave her one of her best reaction:

Brook: YOU?! Working in a pub?! Oh, you gotta be kidding me...
Hannah: Why not?
Brook: You’re affraid of talking to strangers...
Tom: Sometimes, you can be really clumsy...
Harry: I won’t say anything cause I think you’re an amazing woman and you can do whatever you want with your life! You’ll do great and I’ll always be proud of you and I will always support you!
Dougie: She’s going to be teased, harassed, and maybe even stalked by lots of old perv men...
Harry: I won’t allow you to work here, babe. Forget it.

Giovanna: Don’t mind him; he’s just being oportunist.
Harry: I’m not, Gi! And I’m quite outraged you said this!
Brook: “Outraged”? When were you born? 19th century?
Tom: Don’t mind him; his family is quite better-off so he can be really posh sometimes!
Harry: No, I’m not!
Danny: Harry, your favourite sport is cricket and you often play golf with your dad.
Harry: So what? I’m British!
Brook: Danny, Tom and Dougie aren’t that stereotyped but they’re British either!
Harry: Danny doesn’t count; he’s a frustrated Scottish.
Danny: I’m not frustrated! Scottish and proud! Ya numpty!
Hannah: What did he say?
Dougie: Sounded mean.

Tom: Anyway, we shouldn’t argue about this or about the fact Hannah found a job in a pub... Let’s be realistic; it can be temporary but she doesn’t really have the choice, and for now, it’s better than nothing! She either have to work there nor she goes back to France. And I don’t think anyone here would like that. Am I right?

Silence in the room. Everyone agreed on that so the day went on peacefully, even if Brook spent much time to warn Hannah about the difficulties and the risks of being a waitress in a pub, especially when you’re a foreign young lady.


ANNOUNCEMENT: The next chapter could be the last one! xXx

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Above the noise of London - 1st part [16+] / Chapter 10 is up! - Page 2 Puddwaytohell
Going Through The Motions
Going Through The Motions

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Above the noise of London - 1st part [16+] / Chapter 10 is up! - Page 2 Empty Re: Above the noise of London - 1st part [16+] / Chapter 10 is up!

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